Tasteful Typography Project


Process: I used a photo of my husband and I because knew that I wanted to use an image that was personal to me. I want to gain experience using personal photos or other resources because I am trying to launch my own small business with photography, announcements, and other personalized items. This is the area of design that I want to gain experience in so my audience for this project was potential clients. I searched long and hard for a meaningful quote that also provided some good options for playing with the text. I chose a color from the image using the “dropper” tool and selected fonts that were contrasting. All of this was done using Microsoft word.

Critique Report: On the class Facebook page, I critiqued Taylor Walston Susan Turnbull Brurud’s projects. I was a little late posting my project to the Facebook page so I only received feedback from one person. Juan Montes recommended I change the color of the word “LOVE” so that it is not the same color as the body copy letters. It was a tough choice, but as I played around with contrasting colors, I decided to leave all of the words the same color.

Font Name/Category: Title: Engravers MT (modern),  Body Copy: Century Gothic (sans serif)


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