Event Flyer Activity


Design Process: For this activity I decided to create a flyer for an event that was applicable to the event flyers I have designed in the past and will likely design in the future as well. It is directed towards sisters of the Relief Society of my ward. I chose some design elements with wheat as a recurring theme as it is found in the Relief Society Logo. I created the wheat design elements found between the text boxes using clip art and inserting lines. I found the image and logo on LDS.org. I used one of the examples from the designs I sketched for the layout, though I modified it slightly.

Critique process: For this project, I didn’t post my design in time to receive any feedback. I did, however, have the chance to critique the work of Katie Halling and Brittney Brady. I suggested to Katie that she make the black texts boxes bigger or make the margins around the text bigger. The words just seemed a bit crowded inside of the filled boxes. I suggested to Brittney that she change the color of a word she was intending to stand out. It was just difficult to see because of the background.

Color scheme: Gold, Blue, and White

Fonts used: Title-Engravers MT, Body Copy-Malgun Gothic Semilight


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