LFC Photography Activity

VanessaLunt Sky.jpgOutdoor lighting

VanessaLunt indoorlighting.jpgIndoor Lighting

VanessaLunt Blurred background.jpgForeground

VanessaLunt Blurred object.jpgBackground

vanessalunt-thirdsRule of Thirds

vanessalunt-off-centerLead Room


This was a fun project! Photography is one of my main interests in visual media so I really enjoyed it.

For the lighting examples, it was very easy for me to get an image with good lighting indoor during the day. Outside was a little bit more challenging because there was some fog and a lot of clouds. Eventually the blue sky peeked out and I was able to include that in my image.

It has been snowing a lot in Provo these past few days and we have a lot of icicles. This seemed like a great options for my foreground/background focus images. Our trees made for a great background and it was pretty simple.

As for the rule of thirds and lead room, I feel like people are great objects to use. Its always fun to snap photos of people I know and its especially fun to turn that into art.

I am still trying to figure out editing in a lot of ways. I just sort of do whatever looks good but I don’t have a rhyme or reason to it yet. I feel that as I work on more and more editing, I will be able to develop a consistent look and pattern.


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