Photographic Study Project

Sweet Baby Sailor

I have LOVED this project. I hope to become a photographer in the future so I truly enjoyed using this as an opportunity to build my portfolio. I think that the assignment requirements also helped me to focus on certain details of a baby that would be ideal for a photo shoot. It was so fun!

img_0856Sweet Sailor has such captivating eyes.I wanted to take one of those eyes  her cute bow.

img_0871She loves to grab her toes. This image was difficult to capture since she was moving around so much. I was able to use the sport mode to eliminate any blurring.

IMG_0876.jpgShe also loves sucking on her fingers. Glad I was able to capture this moment just before she started to cry!

img_0873Sailor has so much hair! I needed to get a hair just to highlight her lovely mop.

img_0841Her chubby little arms peeked out of the sleeve of her dress.

img_0824There are those captivating eyes again. Not to mention the cute button nose.



Taking pictures of sweet little Sailor was a lot of fun.I used a 50mm lens to really dramatize the crisp focus and blurred background. This made the project of capturing details a lot of fun.I hadn’t realized how difficult it would be to take photos of a baby. It was really tough until I changed my camera setting to sport mode. Once I did this, I was able to eliminate the blur that happened because of her frequent movement.

I was a little bit worried about the lighting considering I took the photo indoors. I was surprised by the good lighting that happened just from opening my blinds. In Photoshop, there wasn’t a lot of adjusting to do on the lighting of the images.Most of my editing was adjusting contrast. This really made the colors and lines pop.

After taking only a few photos, I thought I was done. Then, Sailor started being incredibly cute so I started taking photos again. I was glad that I did because when I went to look at the images I’d taken, I only found 13 that were good. From this, I learned that its always better to take tons of photos because you have no idea which ones will actually turn out.

These photos are perfect for framing in a family room or printing off to give to grandparents. I was glad that these photos could communicate some of the cute attributes of this adorable baby. She is very observant and very calm which I think is the message of these images.


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