Web Page Layout Project

webpage design



As I created this website, I thought about the elements of design that we have learned so far in class. I thought a lot about proximity and alignment especially. I designed a website that might resemble my future photography website. I included menu items that I would want to have and a color scheme that I think is appealing to a potential client. It was really neat to design this all in photo shop and learn more about all of the tools in the program. There is really so much that we can do with such a great tool!

Color Scheme

My color scheme came primarily from the earth tones found in the images I chose for my design. I am not sure what technical term (triad, complementary) would be used for it, but its made up of green and different shades of brown and tan.


Title: Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen Regular

Logo: KG Defying Gravity Regular

Text: Champagne and Limousines Regular

Links to Photos

Family photo: https://www.lds.org/media-library/images/family-portrait-bridge-1119105?lang=eng

Wedding photo is my own, I have the rights to it.


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