Magazine Spread InDesign Project Draft

Magazine spreadProcess

The first step of my process was writing the article. I wanted to write something spiritual and uplifting but also personal. I chose a spiritual experience I had as I prepared to become a mother and had my first baby. I wanted a part of myself to be in the words so I shared this very personal experience. I also chose this experience because I think that many can relate to it whether they have had a baby or have experienced a trial they knew they could only get through with the help of the Lord.

With my article written, I knew that my images would need to relate to this. Choosing some images was my next step. I fell in love with this image of a mother and baby looking at each other. Once I chose this image, it acted as a framework for the rest of my layout. Ideally, these pages would be side by side with no need to turn the page to finish the article.

Aligning the text was challenging and I found myself eliminating some sentences and changing around my text in order to get the look I wanted. I felt that the best way to display the text was in two columns which then provided enough space for the title along one side and a quote from the article along another.

Fonts used: Champagne and Limousines

Link to image: 


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