Magazine Spread Final Draft

Magazine spread Vanessa LuntProcess

In thinking about a magazine article for the Ensign, I wanted to write something meaningful to me. This made me think of very personal experiences. This one is very recent and it came to mind. I thought a lot of other mothers could relate to it as well as anyone who has been through a trial that seemed too hard to face alone. The whole point of my article is that with the Lord, we can combat our doubts and fears and face any trial. I designed the spread in Adobe InDesign and I used images from

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Font used: Georgia

Magazine Spread InDesign Project Draft

Magazine spreadProcess

The first step of my process was writing the article. I wanted to write something spiritual and uplifting but also personal. I chose a spiritual experience I had as I prepared to become a mother and had my first baby. I wanted a part of myself to be in the words so I shared this very personal experience. I also chose this experience because I think that many can relate to it whether they have had a baby or have experienced a trial they knew they could only get through with the help of the Lord.

With my article written, I knew that my images would need to relate to this. Choosing some images was my next step. I fell in love with this image of a mother and baby looking at each other. Once I chose this image, it acted as a framework for the rest of my layout. Ideally, these pages would be side by side with no need to turn the page to finish the article.

Aligning the text was challenging and I found myself eliminating some sentences and changing around my text in order to get the look I wanted. I felt that the best way to display the text was in two columns which then provided enough space for the title along one side and a quote from the article along another.

Fonts used: Champagne and Limousines

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Web Page Layout Project

webpage design



As I created this website, I thought about the elements of design that we have learned so far in class. I thought a lot about proximity and alignment especially. I designed a website that might resemble my future photography website. I included menu items that I would want to have and a color scheme that I think is appealing to a potential client. It was really neat to design this all in photo shop and learn more about all of the tools in the program. There is really so much that we can do with such a great tool!

Color Scheme

My color scheme came primarily from the earth tones found in the images I chose for my design. I am not sure what technical term (triad, complementary) would be used for it, but its made up of green and different shades of brown and tan.


Title: Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen Regular

Logo: KG Defying Gravity Regular

Text: Champagne and Limousines Regular

Links to Photos

Family photo:

Wedding photo is my own, I have the rights to it.

Movie Poster Project

vanessalunt movie poster new


The message of this is to introduce myself. This shows a few things; I enjoy sailing with my husband which is where I took this photo. I also included a photo from my wedding which shows a little bit about my style. This image shows my appreciation for melancholy music and literature but a bright, positive central life focus.


Title: Jellyka Saint-Andrew’s Queen Regular

Commentary: SF Movie Poster Regular


I took the background image and the image of me in the center was taken by Rebecca Borg Photography for my wedding (which I have the rights to use).

Photographic Study Project

Sweet Baby Sailor

I have LOVED this project. I hope to become a photographer in the future so I truly enjoyed using this as an opportunity to build my portfolio. I think that the assignment requirements also helped me to focus on certain details of a baby that would be ideal for a photo shoot. It was so fun!

img_0856Sweet Sailor has such captivating eyes.I wanted to take one of those eyes  her cute bow.

img_0871She loves to grab her toes. This image was difficult to capture since she was moving around so much. I was able to use the sport mode to eliminate any blurring.

IMG_0876.jpgShe also loves sucking on her fingers. Glad I was able to capture this moment just before she started to cry!

img_0873Sailor has so much hair! I needed to get a hair just to highlight her lovely mop.

img_0841Her chubby little arms peeked out of the sleeve of her dress.

img_0824There are those captivating eyes again. Not to mention the cute button nose.



Taking pictures of sweet little Sailor was a lot of fun.I used a 50mm lens to really dramatize the crisp focus and blurred background. This made the project of capturing details a lot of fun.I hadn’t realized how difficult it would be to take photos of a baby. It was really tough until I changed my camera setting to sport mode. Once I did this, I was able to eliminate the blur that happened because of her frequent movement.

I was a little bit worried about the lighting considering I took the photo indoors. I was surprised by the good lighting that happened just from opening my blinds. In Photoshop, there wasn’t a lot of adjusting to do on the lighting of the images.Most of my editing was adjusting contrast. This really made the colors and lines pop.

After taking only a few photos, I thought I was done. Then, Sailor started being incredibly cute so I started taking photos again. I was glad that I did because when I went to look at the images I’d taken, I only found 13 that were good. From this, I learned that its always better to take tons of photos because you have no idea which ones will actually turn out.

These photos are perfect for framing in a family room or printing off to give to grandparents. I was glad that these photos could communicate some of the cute attributes of this adorable baby. She is very observant and very calm which I think is the message of these images.

LFC Photography Activity

VanessaLunt Sky.jpgOutdoor lighting

VanessaLunt indoorlighting.jpgIndoor Lighting

VanessaLunt Blurred background.jpgForeground

VanessaLunt Blurred object.jpgBackground

vanessalunt-thirdsRule of Thirds

vanessalunt-off-centerLead Room


This was a fun project! Photography is one of my main interests in visual media so I really enjoyed it.

For the lighting examples, it was very easy for me to get an image with good lighting indoor during the day. Outside was a little bit more challenging because there was some fog and a lot of clouds. Eventually the blue sky peeked out and I was able to include that in my image.

It has been snowing a lot in Provo these past few days and we have a lot of icicles. This seemed like a great options for my foreground/background focus images. Our trees made for a great background and it was pretty simple.

As for the rule of thirds and lead room, I feel like people are great objects to use. Its always fun to snap photos of people I know and its especially fun to turn that into art.

I am still trying to figure out editing in a lot of ways. I just sort of do whatever looks good but I don’t have a rhyme or reason to it yet. I feel that as I work on more and more editing, I will be able to develop a consistent look and pattern.

Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Owlet Baby Monitor

Objective: Increase awareness of the product, the need for it, and boost traffic to the company website.

Strategy: Create an infographic for Facebook and for the company website showing the data on infant sleep risks which make the product relevant in today’s market. The promotional opportunity of receiving a free owlet monitor ($250 value) is designed to increase incentive for visiting the website and becoming a part of the email list.


I came up with the idea for this project because the company interests me as well as the idea of a owlet giveaway (they are so expensive!). I have a four month old baby and I am frequently checking on her while she sleeps to make sure she is still breathing. This has made the idea of investing in an Owlet monitor very relevant to me. If I saw this promotion, I would definitely visit the website and do whatever I had to do in order to have a chance for the giveaway.

Process: I used Piktochart to create my infographic. I originally chose the color palate to match the “Owlet” company logo but I didn’t end up including the logo in my design because it was a random shape that didn’t match or align well with the other elements I wanted to include. Besides that, I just started to create with shapes and it just came together in my mind.

Image Sources:

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Title and center text: Satisfy

Text Body: Poiret One